What I’ll give you on my page

One of the most common complaints I hear, is “How do I know what’s the Truth about X?”

Well, I’m here to help you with that.

Whether it’s about the latest disturbing development in National Security, or just what it takes to keep you and your family safe, I want to give you the trustworthy information you can’t easily find elsewhere from a guy who thinks about this stuff for a living.

On top of that, as a transplant to American who loves this country, we’ll celebrate together some the greatest and most enjoyable things about our shared homeland. That includes my love of pop culture, classic cars, firearms, sci-fi movies, MAD magazine, you name it. We will enjoy, discuss and celebrate together!

My goal is a simple one. Give people who want the crucial information they can’t get anywhere else a clearing house for that information, and also to have fun!

I plan to write about the really important things - like are we really going to war with Russia? - in ways that don’t look down on you, or take you for granted. Then I’m going to talk about issues that are likewise REALLY important, but not being covered at all.

Are you fed up with all the “spin?” All the overt, and covert agendas out there? Would you like to have access to someone who sent the last 30 years digging behind the scenes for the Truth and who wants to share it directly with people who really care, like you? Well then, well done, you’ve made it.

My page is open to all. However some of the coolest stuff will be for my subscribers only. Join our team today and never miss out on our exclusive extra content. (You know $5 is worth it!)

OK, let’s dig in.

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Immigrant. American. I'm into explaining things that look complicated in ways that make sense and reassure. I'm into muscle cars, books, guns, chocolate, science fiction, and 80s music. If you like any of that, join us!