Very puzzling and mysterious indeed. I agree with Churchill regarding Russia. Thanks for the chef picture! What on earth are they cooking up now? Is it appetizer, entree or desert?

Growing up in communist Hungary, one thing we knew that Russia always was, is and probably will be a formidable military power. When a king/ruler couldn’t defeat an uprise, they called on Russia for help who by the sheer number of their military won the battle for them.

In 1956 the Hungarian revolution defeated the Russians. There was free Hungary for 10 days. The Russians pulled out of Hungary, but only to their border, waited for reinforcement, then reentered Hungary with a mighty force. The country knew it was over and many refugees fled ( who would have been otherwise killed for their resistance) to the West.

Russians are excellent chess players meaning they think several moves ahead.

Perhaps this was a retreat masked as a mutiny only to move the front to Belarus, then regroup and attack Kyiv. If Kyiv falls, Russia gets entire Ukraine not just the land passage to the Crimean peninsula. That actually was their goal from the start. What do you think Dr. G?


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Sound analysis. Why can’t our journalists think straight. These facts are there for all to acquie.

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Great analysis... Putin has dominated Biden for over a decade -- freedom-loving Ukrainians and Russians are paying for their “dispute” with their lives ... horrific

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Dr. G.,

This reasoning, makes the most sense, of many reports & reportage, that I've read.

Well done.

& Happy Independence Day !

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